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Black Sherif settles medical bills for some nursing mothers

Sensational musician, Black Sherif, has covered the medical expenses for some breastfeeding mothers at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital. In an Instagram post shared by the Greater Accra Regional Hospital’s account, the ‘Kwaku the Traveler’ singer also gave out food and toiletries to the women. “Black Sherif settles medical bills for some …

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Reasons Why Some Women Bleed After Intercourse

It is common for women to experience bleeding after s£xual intercourse. While it can be alarming and uncomfortable, there are a variety of reasons why some women bleed after s£x. Here are five common causes: 1. Hormonal changes: According to healthline. Changes in estrogen levels can affect the thickness and …

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Some Of The Deadliest Human Sacrifices In History

In the past, human sacrifices were prevalent all over the world. The manner in which they were carried out was dreadful and not for the faint-hearted. We have compiled a list of some of the deadliest human sacrifices in history; you wouldn’t believe some of them! Persecution of People with …

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Earth tremor hits some parts of Accra

Some parts of Ghana’s captial were hit with earth tremors in the early hours of Monday. According to reports, the tremors happened twice on Monday in some parts of Accra, including Gbawe, McCarthy Hill, Adabraka, and Mallam. Some Ghanaians have been reacting so far. Economist Joe Jackson, in a tweet, …

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