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What can Cause Damage To The Eyes

According to Healthline Bad behaviors can have a significant impact on a person’s health in a number of areas, including their eyesight. According to Webmd, there are a few routine activities that we all partake in that may be harming our vision even if we are not aware of it. Some …

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Osebo the Zaraman accepts fashion challenge with Cheddar

Richard Brown popularly known as ‘Osebo the Zaraman’ has heeded calls for a fashion challenge between him and Jacob Freedom Caesar (Cheddar). Osebo, who was adjudged the winner of the challenge between himself and Ajagurajah, has once again been paired against a new contender, Cheddar. After Ajagurajah hopped out of …

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Is Chris Hughton targeting the Ayews?

The recent decisions of Chris Hughton, the new Black Stars coach, have raised eyebrows and drawn criticism, particularly regarding his treatment of the Ayew brothers. Andre Ayew and Jordan Ayew are the longest-serving members of the current team and have been criticised and nicknamed Landlords, suggesting they are trying to …

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Why Cardiac Arrests Happen In The Bathroom Often

Cardiac arrest is a medical emergency that can be deadly if not treated in time. This life-threatening condition is caused when your heart suddenly stops beating. According to healthline, When cardiac arrest occurs in the bathroom, it can be especially dangerous due to the fact that the patient is often …

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