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Ugly Money Rain Parties By Nouveau Riche Turned Repulsive

There is nothing wrong with growing up in poverty, it is a motivation to do better in life but certainly, not by any means. When you come to New York with nothing and pull yourself up, you thank God and say it can only happen in America. What about those who came to Lagos, Accra, Cairo, Johannesburg etc in Africa, what do you say?

God punishes poverty with money rain at every opportune occasion by the nouvelle riche. They have to demonstrate that the boys and girls that grew up in poverty have arrived. Their means of income is doubtful at best, unknown at its worst. You cannot thank God by dubious means. When the gullible and the desperate folks watch in admiration, they cry: God when is it going to be our turn?

This is how the environment breeds criminals and bandits. What started as compensation to freelance drummers in the communities has gone wild. It used to be only celebrants that were adorned with money on their forehead, it degenerated to sticking money on the breast of women. Boyfriends would be invited to spay their girlfriends with local currency and later foreign currencies.

Young people that have acquired sudden wealth without investing sweat equity, spend freely and ostentatiously without good taste, finesse or sustainable culture. They compete with the old-fashioned ways of long-term wealth but lack distinguished blood and state. They buy the most expensive products or material that are out of place on their person or incongruous with tastes, attire and Arts. Many are usually but not always unlettered.

All Authorities need to do is to follow the source of Money Rain. But when highly placed Police and other members of law enforcement are invited to the parties, subordinates would not dare arrest them. When you put a kid in the toy or candy store, he goes on a buying spree. It is almost as if he is possessed. Some people think money obtained without sweat after making a pact with the devil, comes possessed with evil spirits.

No more sanctuaries in culture, domain or person where Yahoo Yahoo boys, bandits and drug peddlers reign. When Pastors and Imams become obsequious, solicit offerings; Churches, Mosques and Shrines become infiltrated by the get-rich-quick seeking relevance. Indeed, night marauders pray before and after their wicked operations and give generous tithe to Pastors and Imams to wipe out their sins, after big successful plunder in the day or night.

Consequently, money rain has created some uncultured money-miss-roads that give them false sense of splendor and the audacity to disrespect their wellbred elders or those with sterling accomplishments before them. There are some notable incidents where politicians demanded the presence of traditional rulers before them at their office. Others ask their esteemed town traditional rulers and elders to bow before them.

Once we have uncultured people emulated by our Youths, the race to the bottom is assured. It has since gotten worse with the kidnap of Emir, Igwe and Oba. Militias leaders that support the Nouveau Riche, are ordering the kidnapping of political opponents and royal fathers.

Vandals find it difficult to keep and maintain their sudden wealth before they are busted in foreign countries for one crime or the other.

There are many wealthy families in the world whose grandfathers engaged in unsavory endeavors but were able to divert their ill-gotten gains into legitimate businesses. Even Stock Markets are full of speculators, some of whom have been exposed for greed and felonies before being sent to jail. However, only the naive think they can compete with what Yahoo Yahoo boys have adopted as a culture.

The discussion between the gullible and the naive is that either god or devil will come down and smile on them. It reminds us of those that dreamt of the choice or witnessed the snap adverts between heaven and hell. When they got a glimpse of heaven, people were singing, peaceful and calm without 42 virgins. They decided to visit hell just for comparison. People were dancing, rowdy and spraying hard currencies.

When the decision moment came, they made a pact with the devil and chose hell where they could merry and party as they had been promised on their dream visit. On the day of arrival or payback, they saw that real hell was worse than political campaigns promised in their countries. So they asked the devil about the merry parties they saw when they visited. The devil answered: this is the reality, you must have visited during the campaign period!

If they had to do it again, they could have returned to heaven where people were calmed and contented, happy and at ease with their environment. Greed can lure our voracious appetite to glisters without substance. Those folks that have never seen or enjoyed normal ways of life while watching politicians display outrageous amounts of money conspicuously, want to be like them before they even grow up.

Social media has aggravated and exaggerated fantasies that are bigger than life. People see skits everywhere and they are determined to do it or better what they have seen. The scenarios are no different from what we see on televisions in western countries that prompt those who are deprived in the ghetto to stage concerted raids on Shopping Plazas. They have been window-shopping hoping to turn possession of those properties into theirs.

These days some of the celebrants would ask you to change cash into small denominations and spray them where everyone could see. It used to be currencies that were tucked in envelopes and delivered to the celebrants. Those that have not got the memo. also behave accordingly when they notice the civilized atmosphere they find themselves in. A few that spoil the air are ignored as the empty vessels making the loudest sounds.

The old fashioned and cultured are now requesting their families and friends during weddings and other ceremonies to send their presents to designated bank accounts, gifts at designated places or cash in envelopes but certainly no spraying of any type of currency at their parties.

Farouk Martins Aresa @ooaresa

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