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VIDEO: Did Nayas slept with her husband’s friend for an iPhone?

Ghanaian actress Nayas has narrated the circumstances that compelled her into cohabiting with a man who was purportedly her husband’s friend.

Earlier, when issues surrounding Nayas and her husband’s marital crises went rife on social media, there were claims that she lived with one of her husband’s friends, whom she begged for an iPhone.

An audio which captured their conversation circulated on social media at that time.

“You told me you will buy me the same phone you were using and I told you I preferred an iPhone 13 Pro Max so I can use it to shoot my programs but you refused after having your way with me so many times.I won’t keep your phone for anything but buy the phone you promised, add money for the many times you had me, and send it to Addo before I will give you your phone,” Nayas allegedly stated in the audio.

But addressing the claims, Nayas who claimed to have broken up with her husband at the time said she met the man (Owura), while she was stranded.

According to Nayas, Owura denied ever knowing her husband and the latter, also, kept on insisting that they are friends.

In all these, Nayas did not deny the fact that they had an affair which according to her, lasted for two months.

“My husband threw me out of the house, seized my phone and flushed out all my contacts. I had no money, I knew no one and it was winter. I lived with a certain woman at bambic and l left there later because over there, it’s not appropriate to stay with someone for long. So, I called one of my husband’s friends called Addo and told him what happened. I told him to help me with someone who can accompany me so I can go beg him. So Addo gave me a contact to one of the queen mothers in Hamburg, and then the queen mother gave me out to a man called Owura to handle my case.

“I was confused about the relationship Owura had with my husband. Owura said he isn’t my husband’s friend but my husband insisted that they are friends. The man helped me, gave me his phone and SIM card. Before then, when my husband threw me out of the house the first time, my family in Ghana returned his bride price to his family. So, we were no longer married. So we started having an affair and I lived there for about two months until I had to run away at a point. I run away because all the things I did with the man wasn’t my intention. I left and stayed with a certain woman.,” she told Delay.

Nayas however maintained that it wasn’t her intention to move in with the man.

“It was winter and I could die of cold. I had no one to go to, no family here so I had no choice than to move in with the man. It wasn’t my intention to do anything with him because in Ghana, when you are stranded, there are people who could help you so I thought it was the case here. Before I moved in with the man, he told me he had a spare room but we ended up sharing a room.”

Watch the video below:

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