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Watch how Nayas breaks down in tears on TV

Ghanaian socialite, Gladys Mensah Boaku, popularly known as Nayas, wept midway through her interview with Delay.

Nayas, whiles recounting her bitter ordeal with her husband had tears rolling down her cheeks at some point.

The actress, whose marriage lasted for two years amidst intense suffering in a foreign land (Germany), described it as the biggest mistake of her life.

Nayas said she regretted seeking validation from Broda Sammy’s wife, whom she trusted and met her husband through.

She made these statements while narrating the ‘deception and wickedness’ her marriage was characterized with.

“Before marriage, my husband told me that he has been married and divorced. But later I found out that he had been married not just to one woman, but to five different women. He also told me he had four kids prior to marriage and later I found out that he has eight children.

“After Ernest and I had issues, a lot of men came my way but none of them caught my attention because I had fear in me. But because I met him through Broda Sammy’s wife, I felt it was good. I should have investigated myself,” she told Delay.

Right after, Delay asked if it is safe to state that she was misled by Broda Sammy’s wife, who introduced her to such a man.

Nayas’ ‘no’ response was accompanied by tears flowing down her cheeks and Delay had to console her at a point.

Recalling some of her regrets, the actress added.,

“My Visa was for just 3 months, so after three months passed, I started regretting everything. Because what I went through wasn’t what I envisaged. I thought I’d be able to work hard and replenish everything I had lost and all the monies I spent on my visa and plane ticket. I took my mind back to how comfortable I was in Ghana. I ate and wore what I like. I was the one supporting my siblings and all but at that time I looked like trash. I couldn’t even afford to wash my hair,” she added.

Watch the video below:

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