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[WATCH]: Inside the Coronation Theatre: Where King Charles III will be crowned


BBC shot of the theatre

Today’s Coronation Service for King Charles III will take place in the ‘Coronation Theatre’ at the heart of Westminster Abbey.

Here are the key elements of the stage for the first coronation in almost 70 years – as shared by the Royal Family

1 – The Coronation Chair

The Coronation Chair has been the centrepiece of coronations for over 700 years. It is where His Majesty will sit to be anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, receive the regalia, and to be crowned.

The Stone of Destiny will sit under The Coronation Chair.
It is an ancient symbol of Scotland’s monarchy, used for centuries in the inauguration of its kings. Seen as a sacred object, its earliest origins are now unknown.

2 – The Chairs of Estate

These chairs, positioned to the south side of the High Altar, are where most of the activity takes place during the Service. This is where Her Majesty will be crowned.

3 – Throne Chairs

The King and The Queen’s Throne Chairs are known as the Chairs of State. This is where His Majesty will receive homage from the Archbishop of Canterbury and
The Prince of Wales.

4 – Cosmati Pavement

The Cosmati Pavement was laid in 1258 by order of Henry III. The Coronation Chair will be positioned here. The elaborate mosaic has inspired elements of the design for the Anointing Screen which will shield His Majesty whilst he is being anointed with holy oil.

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