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Where to invest your money in 2022



Proper research needs to be done before investment -Experts

Covid-19 disrupted investments, but good research helped investors

Digitalization will boost economy next year

As the new year, 2022 is upon us, many individuals are drawing budgets and making financial plans to guard their savings and resolutions this year.

But Financial analyst at the African Traders Organisation, Rita Ofori, has warned that to be able to make the most out of one’s investment, proper research needs to be done.

She was speaking on the Marketplace on JoyNews.

She believes that despite the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the world’s economies, those who were smart with their research succeeded with investments.

She mentions bonds, shares, cryptocurrency and forex trading as some of the investment platforms people can explore in the year 2022.

“We have the banking aspect and we have the other financial aspects which come in bonds, shares and other cryptocurrencies which is illegal. I think forex too is another investment opportunity each and every one should delve in,”

Rita Ofori believes that this will reduce the load of how to solve unemployment issues this year.