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US 2020 ELECTIONS: Biden on the verge of 270



With a fresh batch of votes coming in from Pennsylvania, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has grown his lead in the critical Keystone State.

“It’s is now up to 6,737 votes ahead of [President] Trump,” reported CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

The latest collection of ballots arrived from Bucks County, an area just north of Philadelphia. With CNN’s John King scribbling by hand on the Magic Wall, Blitzer offered the newest figures.

“Biden got 2,016 [votes.] Trump got 897 [votes,]. In other words, Biden got 68% … that’s why his lead has increased, over Trump, in Pennsylvania.”

Though still a Democratic region, Bucks County has been competitive for Republicans, with Biden earning 51% of the vote in the county overall. However, among mail-in ballots in Bucks County — the largest remaining swath still to be tabulated — Biden is now bringing in votes at a rate of more than two-to-one.

“In a place where the President is much more competitive than in other places in Pennsylvania, he’s getting walloped,” King said.

Biden currently holds a 253-to-213 overall electoral vote lead. Carrying 20 electoral votes, Pennsylvania would put the former vice president over the top, giving him 273 electoral votes in total, and cementing his presidential victory.

With 95% of the vote having been counted, and the bulk of the outstanding ballots largely tied to Democratic regions, King said, “The math here, is beginning to look inevitable.”