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3 Ways To Know If You Have Gonorrhea

According to a webMD article, many people are unaware that there are easy ways to tell if you have gonorrhea. Here I’ll go over a few of the ways you can check for gonorrhea on your own.

One of the easiest ways to tell whether you have gonorrhea is if you have a discharge that is creamy or watery from your privates. If you have Gonorrhea and find fluid in your privates, it is likely that your female reproductive organ is unhealthy.

If you get a burning sensation when you urinate, you likely have gonorrhea. This symptom is indicative of gonorrhea, yet it may possibly be the result of something else entirely. Therefore, it is imperative that you see a doctor right away.

The third warning sign of gonorrhea is pain or swelling in the area around the testicles, so if you have these symptoms, you should seek medical attention right once

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