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4 Common Causes Of Stretch Marks You Should Take Note Of

Many people, both young and elderly, struggle with the unsightly appearance of stretch marks on their bodies without understanding the underlying causes of this condition. Based on information from a webMD article, I’ll explain what causes stretch marks and how to avoid them.

Too much of the hormone cortisone is a common contributor to the skin damage known as stretch marks. Excess levels of this hormone can cause your skin to lose its flexibility, which can then manifest as stretch marks.

Excessive stretching of the body is another important contributor to the development of stretch marks. Stretch marks are scars that appear on the skin as a result of prolonged stretching.

Stretch marks develop on the body as a result of rapid weight increase or loss. This means that if you want to avoid stretch marks, you should maintain a healthy weight.

Fourth, pregnancy is a leading cause of stretch marks because of the rapid growth of the uterus and other organs. Therefore, remember this.

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