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5 interesting facts about Shugatiti

Shugatiti made an entry into the Ghanaian entertainment scene as a video vixen but has been able to maintain the spot as one of the most controversial socialites in the country.

Asides from being a video vixen, she transitioned into other fields including boudoir photo modeling, and later as an entrepreneur.

At age 32, she seems to have experienced a lot of ‘spotlight buzz’ and this probably is because her brand was built on controversies.

On the back of her recent encounter with the American porn actor, King Nazir, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the popular nudist.

1. She was raised by her stepmother

In a quest to disclose why she had developed thick skin for trolls on social media, Shugatiti once disclosed that the maltreatment she received from her stepmother toughened her up.

She said growing up, she never had the slightest love from her parents who had been somewhat absent from her life since childhood.

“I grew up without love so I’m used to it. I grew up alone, without mum and dad. Even though I was living with people, there was no genuine love. I was living with my stepmother so the kind of words and insults that will descend on you each day – these social media insults and attacks are small,” she revealed on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment Show sometime in August 2022.

In a separate interview with Delay, she said:

“I don’t know where my mother is. The last time I saw her was 15 years ago. When I was young, people use to accuse her of snatching their husbands. 15 years ago, she told me she’ll be back and that was it. She vanished. My dad is also somewhere in the Central region. They both did not give me the attention I needed.”

2. Shugatiti broke her virginity and started watching porn at age 16

The socialite established that at a point in her life, she had to seek solace in watching pornography and other sexual-related activities to drown her sorrows.

In an interview with Delay, she said loneliness drove her to master pornography as early as age 16.

“At age 16, I used to watch pornography a lot. My stepmother did not allow me get close to her. Even if she’s watching TV in the hall and you sit by her, she’ll sack you so my only friend was porn. I can stay indoors for a long watching it. I even discuss it with my colleagues when I go to school.”

3. She had a bitter relationship with her father prior to his death

Shugatiti lost her father in 2022 and in an Exclusive interview with GhanaWebTV’s Elsie Lamar at that time, she disclosed that they weren’t on good terms prior to his death.

This according to the socialite, was because she was maltreated by her stepmother under her father’s watch.

“We were not on good terms. We had a lot going on that I wouldn’t like to talk about. When I saw his lifeless body lying there, that’s when it hit me. I asked myself if he is really gone. He changed. He wasn’t the man I knew. I had not seen him for six or seven years before he died,” she stated.

4. She is the first child of her parents

At her father’s funeral, the popular nudist disclosed that she is the eldest among two siblings.

Shugatiti has a younger sister who was spotted with her all throughout the funeral.

In a video that went viral during her father’s burial, they were both seen wailing and mourning their late father.

5. She owns a popular restaurant in Accra

In august 2022, Shugatiti officially opened her restaurant situated in Osu, a suburb of Accra.

Her restaurant has over time gained massive patronage, and this can be evident in its visiting customers spotted on social media each day.

The restaurant was noted for its ‘penis-sized’ shape pots until the Ghana Tourism Authorities placed a ban on them.

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