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5 Local Nigerian Foods You Can Eat As Snacks At Night

Snacking at night might not be the best habit to stay healthy, but it helps if you’re going to stay awake till midnight or thereabout, many people have become familiar with it and to this effect, different foods have been used as night snacks.

Snacking is efficient if you’re working late or you’re watching movies into the night and asides from the variety of foreign snacks there are, you can decide to use Nigerian snacks at night.

Snacks can be roasted, baked, or even fried, the end product is what matters, this article however discusses some Nigerian foods that serve as snacks to be eaten at night.

1. Coconut candy.

This snack is made from coconut by cutting it into bits or using a grater to slice into small pieces, adding sugar, and frying with very little vegetable oil. Coconut candy is fried till it has a brown color and just like the fruit this snack is sweet.

2. Puff puff.

Puff puff is made by mixing flour, sugar, yeast, milk, and nutmeg, this mixture is covered for roughly one hour and allowed to swell before frying begins.

Locally, hands are used to cut and skillfully make puff puff into small ball shapes before deep frying with vegetable oil to give it a brown color.

3. Fish roll.

Fish roll is another locally made Nigerian snack that requires frying and this is made with flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and mashed fish.

The mixture is made solid and the fish is put in the middle of the roll, and this snack can be eaten at night if you’re working late or having a movie night.

4. Chin chin.

It’s easy to make chin chin in the comfort of your home and to do this you need to mix flour, sugar, milk, nutmeg, egg, and little water properly, the mixture needs to be sold and would require kneading for proper mixing.

Thereafter the mass of the mixture is flattened with a rolling pin and cut into small pieces, which would then be fried.

5. Suya.

Suya is made from meat, and it can either be bought from roadside sellers or made at home, but the former is very risky to our health.

To make suya, you would need to spice your meat properly before roasting it, and if prepared properly would make for a good night snack.

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