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5 types of women that you avoid dating

To save yourself from a lifetime of agony, heartache, lost time, money, effort, and most importantly, your love, there are some types of women you should avoid dating.

Therefore, in this article, I will describe the types of women who, if you date them, will make your life miserable.

The squanderer.

These women desire to spend their money on everything. They lack compassion. They lack consideration and are wasteful.

They only say, “I want this now, and you, as my man, must deliver it for me.” If you are unable to supply it, there is a good probability that she would reject you and make you feel like a lesser man because you could afford her luxurious lifestyle. They are the type of ladies that ask their partners, “Is this what he’s getting for her?”
Please avoid dating a spendthrift lady if you are in the stage of your life where you are still trying to put one or two things together to have a decent existence and you need a serious woman who will love and support you.

The Crooks

This is an obvious choice. No one desires the company of a liar. Dating a woman who says half-truths and calls them “white lies” can be a very deadly game. A lady who lies frequently and sees lying as a kind of diplomacy should avoid it because she is scheming.

Even if she claims to love you, you should verify. She is lying to you. What is the core of the partnership if her words cannot be trusted and you cannot trust the person you name your partner?

The materialistic girl

This type of woman prioritizes material possessions such as expensive automobiles, wristwatches, mansions, etc. over people. She worries only about the material goods she can gain from you. She cares less about who you are as a person.

The risk of dating such ladies is that they will abandon you at the earliest moment, especially if someone with greater and more substantial riches approaches them and tempts them with it.

The type of woman who believes that what is hers is hers alone

These women feel that the male should share with them whatever he has or owns, rather than them sharing with him whatever they have. I consider a relationship to be akin to a partnership – an agreement between two individuals to remain together, love one another, and commit to one another.

If you encounter a lady who is unwilling to share her life or her possessions with you, she is not suitable for a relationship. Then you must take a step behind since she will never be considerate enough to prioritize your needs over her own.

You must be aware that for any relationship to work, both partners must be willing to compromise. If you continue a relationship with this woman, you will constantly be the one to make concessions because she believes that she should not be working. You are the one who should be doing all to keep her affection for you.

A vulnerable woman

These women are the most difficult to date. Have you previously dated an insecure woman? OMG!! They are just innately insecure about everything, even when you are not doing anything to cause them to feel insecure. They constantly imagine and think that you are cheating on them.

If you are on the phone, she attempts to determine with whom you are conversing. Insecurity is nasty and can damage your relationship. Dating an insecure lady will psychologically, physically, and emotionally drain you, and ultimately make you miserable!

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