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6 simple tips to keep your bladder healthy

Here’s how to keep your bladder healthy and maintain your urinary system.

When it comes to your body, your urinary tract plays an important part! It helps to filter waste and extra fluid from the bloodstream and pushes it out of the system.

Having a healthy bladder helps to keep the toxins away, thereby working towards proper functioning of the overall body.

To keep your urinary system healthy, here are everyday habits to follow

  • Use the washroom often and when needed

Try to urinate at least every 3 to 4 hours. Holding urine in your bladder for too long can weaken your bladder muscles and make you more prone to urinary infections.

  • Take enough time to fully empty the bladder while urinating

If urine stays in the bladder for too long, it can make bladder infection more likely. Rushing to urinate may not allow you to fully empty the bladder and this may affect the urinary tract system.

  • Be in a relaxed position while urinating

Relaxing the muscles around the bladder makes it easy to empty it completely. For women hovering over the toilet seat may make it hard to relax, so it is always best to sit on toilet seat.

  • Urinate after sex

Sexual activity can move bacteria from the bowel or vaginal cavity to the urethral opening. Both men and women should urinate after sex to lower infection.

  • Eat well

People with bladder problems should avoid some foods and drinks like soda, artificial sweeteners, spicy food, citrus fruits and juices, as they may worsen the problem.

  • Exercise regularly

Physical activity helps to avoid bladder problems and constipation. It helps to maintain a healthy weight. This is important since an overweight person may be at a higher risk of leaking urine.

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