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7 Amazing Fertility Foods You Can Eat To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

According to healthline Recent discussions have focused on how one’s eating habits can affect one’s fertility. When trying to conceive, a common question is whether or not a certain diet can improve a woman’s chances of success. Can I increase my chances of conceiving by eating certain foods?

The truth is that there is no miracle diet that can increase your chances of pregnancy, and that there are some causes of infertility, like a blocked fallopian tube, that can’t be remedied by dietary modifications.

Reproductive health, like that of the rest of your body, can benefit from a healthy, balanced diet. Foods that promote fertility, according to a verywellfamily.com.

Firstly, Fruits of the Citrus Family

One of the richest sources of vitamin C, citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are also rich in polyamine putrescine, which, according to some animal research, may increase the health of both the egg and the sperm.

However, if you are currently on any medicine, you should check with your doctor before consuming grapefruits.

2. Liver

Cow’s liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the globe because it contains large amounts of fat-soluble vitamins including vitamin A, which is difficult to obtain from other diets

Furthermore, the liver’s high concentration of absorbable iron aids in warding off miscarriages and other forms of maternal anemia. Folate, choline, and omega-3 fatty acids can all be found in abundance in it as well.

Third, Tomatoes that Have Been Prepared for Eating

Lycopene, an antioxidant found in abundance in tomatoes, has been shown to improve sperm quality in men. While both raw and cooked tomatoes have significant lycopene content, the amount in cooked tomatoes is double that in raw tomatoes.

Lentils with Beans

The high fiber and folate content of legumes like lentils and beans is essential for normal hormone function. Polyamine spermidine, which aids sperm in fertilizing the egg, is also abundant in lentils. As an added bonus, the increased protein content of these foods can lead to better ovulation.

The Oyster

Oysters provide a plethora of nutrients that help with conception. There are vital vitamins and minerals in them, which boost the reproductive system.

6 Egg Whites

Egg yolks’ abundance of fertility-supporting nutrients such iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins B6, folate, and vitamin B12 makes them a dietary staple. Research shows that both male and female fertility can be improved by consuming egg yolks, which are a low-cost, high-protein food.

A Pineapple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Bromelain, found in pineapples, is a naturally occurring enzyme with anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulation properties. Because inflammation can hinder fertility, this will help boost your chances of getting pregnant.

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