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87 Year Old Man Recalls On How He Manage Diabetes

Diabetes, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a chronic metabolic ailment characterized by elevated blood sugar levels that can lead to severe damage to various organs over time.

It’s a challenging condition to handle for many individuals. However, Emmanuel Adeyinka, an 87-year-old who has battled diabetes for nearly half a century, stands as a testament to the fact that consistent blood sugar control is not just feasible but straightforward.

Despite prevailing notions that diabetes shortens lifespans due to its potential complications, Adeyinka’s story provides a different perspective.

He believes that longevity is achievable for those living with diabetes, given the right approach to diet and adherence to prescribed medications.

Having grappled with the disease for almost five decades, Adeyinka has cultivated an unwavering determination to manage his condition effectively.

“I’ve been living with diabetes for nearly 50 years,” he shared. Reflecting on the incident that triggered his diagnosis, Adeyinka revealed the advancements in diabetes treatment.

He recounted being diagnosed after feeling unwell following a wine-filled function. “I wasn’t feeling too well when I returned to Ibadan. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with diabetes,” he explained.

Adeyinka’s story showcases resilience in the face of limited knowledge about diabetes at the time of his diagnosis.

He drew inspiration from his family history, where diabetes was hereditary yet didn’t hinder longevity.

“My mother had it and she lived for 100 years. My maternal grandfather had it, my mother’s brother had it, and they all lived long lives,” he said.

The key to Adeyinka’s impressive blood sugar control lies in his commitment to medical advice and a healthy diet.

He consistently takes prescribed medications, undergoes regular medical check-ups, and adheres to his doctor’s recommendations.

This resilience and dedication have been pivotal to his remarkable longevity.

Adeyinka, the Vice Chairman of the Diabetes Association of Nigeria, credits his healthy life to making essential lifestyle changes and choosing the right diet.

He emphasized the importance of moderation in eating habits, avoidance of sugary fruits and soft drinks, and complying with medical instructions. He stressed, “Diabetes is a lifelong disease but can be well managed with the right attitude.”

For those living with diabetes, early diagnosis is crucial.

e longer diabetes remains undiagnosed and untreated, the worse the health outcomes become. Adeyinka, now an advocate for diabetes education, urges increased awareness and government support for patients.

He noted that during the COVID-19 pandemic, several patients couldn’t manage their condition due to limited access to care, leading to avoidable deaths.

Professor Olufemi Fasanmade, a Medicine and Endocrinology expert, highlighted the rising prevalence of diabetes in Nigeria.

He noted that despite its significance as a major public health concern, diabetes often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

In conclusion, Emmanuel Adeyinka’s remarkable journey of managing diabetes for nearly five decades demonstrates that with the right mindset, adherence to medical advice, and a healthy lifestyle, living a fulfilling life with diabetes is attainable.

His story serves as an inspiration to individuals grappling with the condition, underlining the importance of early diagnosis, compliance with medical guidance, and a positive outlook on life.

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