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A Family In Shock After They Found Their Grandmother’s Coffin Outside The Grave

The Makaza family were shocked to find their grandmother’s coffin dug out and deposit in an open place in the Ofzi cemetery. The family said they buried their late grandmother, who was 98, two weeks ago after her death from diabetes and asthma.

It has been reported that residents have woken up in the last couple of months to see most of the old women coffins being dug up. The Dead woman’s son said this is the second time her mother’s grave has been dug since they buried her

They requested an order to examine the body if anything was missing, but did not receive that order. The man said they reburied his mother in the hope that such a thing wouldn’t happen, but were shocked when they woke to find the coffin dug up again and deposited in an open place.

But this time, the screws of the coffin and the shroud that surrounded the body were missing. The family reburried the late Gogo Makaza. They also found footprints of three people who came to the tomb.

They followed the footprints and bloodstains to the tools these three people used to dig the grave, which were hidden. The family of the deceased claims to suspect these three people of having used the missing objects from the various graves they dug for rituals.

Source: Gnewspage

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