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A Woman Kills Her Husband And Sleeps With His Corpse For Days

An Indian woman living in Raebareli in the northern Indian state was arrested for the murder of her husband after she got into an argument with him.

The accused Annu slept with her husband’s dead body for several days to convince her children that he is indeed sleeping.

The police got information about the murder case, rushed to arrest the killer, and also took the body to the morgue. Annu firstly lied to police officers that she found her husband’s body near their home.

But an autopsy revealed that the victim died of strangulation and the incident was ruled a homicide.

The suspect, who works in a beauty salon, claims that her husband came home very drunk, after a heated argument, hit him repeatedly with a stick until he lost consciousness, before strangle.

She then brought the body to her bed and made it appear as if it was sleeping, and she also slept for days afterwards. One evening, she brought the body and threw it in front of her house.

Later, she told her neighbors that the man fell and died after getting heavily drunk. Annu later confessed that she was fed up with her husband’s behavior as he spent his salary to buy alcohol.

Source: Gnewspage

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