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Adam Bonaa arrests another driver spilling concrete on tarred road

Dr Adam Bonaa has conducted a second citizens arrest

Security Analyst, Dr Adam Bonaa has performed yet another act of citizen vigilantism barely a week after effecting a citizen’s arrest of some lawbreakers.

Dr Bonaa on Saturday, January 22, 2022, arrested a driver and his Chinese boss after he saw them driving in a concrete mixing truck and discharging some of the concrete on a tarred road.

The two were later fined for causing destruction to the constructed road after the security analyst handed them over to the police.

In a new post shared on his Facebook page, Dr Adam Bonaa indicates that he conducted a similar citizen’s arrest after coming across yet again a driver discharging mixed concrete from a truck onto a public road.

“Just as I took the turn off East Legon Shiashie onto the N1 heading into central Accra for an important meeting, I came across a freshly dumped premixed concrete from shieshe highway all the way to the kotoka international airport traffic lights.

“…so I followed the tracks of the premix concrete truck till I caught up with the truck and the driver and effected another citizens arrest of the driver, sent him and the premixed concrete truck to the Airport Police MTTD for the necessary action to be taken against him and his company,” Dr Bonaa wrote.

According to the security analyst, he handed the suspect over to the police after interrogating him. He noted that the driver admitted to the mixed concrete spilling on the road but attributed it to faults on the fleet of cars owned by a Portuguese company he works for.

“He further went on to say three other trucks had already left the company yard this morning before him, the question again is why can’t these premix companies hauling concrete ensure the right trucks are used?

“Remember it’s a Portuguese Construction company operating in Ghana? Can this same Portuguese company dump premixed concrete on the streets of Lisbon just like that?

“Its a shame seeing how wide-spread the canker is, I missed my early morning meeting because of this but hey, it was another call for duty. We can all in many ways help fix this country, no one will fix Ghana for Ghanaians. Ghanaians must fix Ghana and I know we CAN,” he stated.

Dr Bonaa expressed hope that the driver will be punished in accordance with the law to further serve as a deterrent to others.

In the incident of last week where he arrested and handed over a driver and a his Chinese boss to the police for a similar offense, the two suspects were fined GHC600 each as punishment for causing destruction to a public road.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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