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American woman apologizes to Ghanaians after backlash from Nana Aba, others over her experience in Ghana

Jessie Clark Funk, the American woman whose viral video about her experiences in Ghana riled Ghanaians has apologized for her statements in the video.

Jessie Clark came under sustained attacks from Ghanaians after a video of her detailing her experiences in Ghana was posted on Instagram and subsequently across other platforms.

In the video, she referred to Ghanaians as poverty-stricken, hungry and living in filth.

Led by broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah, social media users took her to the cleaners questioning her account of the state of Ghana.

In an apology via her Instagram handle, Jessie Clark Funk who is believed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint explained that her words have been taken out of context.

She stated that she has been to the country twice, once with her daughter and has huge admiration for Ghana.

She claims to have learned a lot from the Ghanaian culture and will at no point run it down.

“A video I made talking about my experience in Ghanaian was taken completely out of the context and there are many upset people from Ghana which breaks my heart because I love and respect the people of Ghana and their beautiful country so much.

“I have been there twice, once with my daughter. We learned so much from their amazing culture and deep wisdom. I cherish my experience there and I’m sorry that something I said didn’t reflect my love for your country. I sincerely ask for forgiveness,” she said.

Her apology was shared by Nana Aba Anamoah who took exception to her earlier description of Ghana and for that matter Ghanaians.

Nana Aba’s clapback read: “Here you are, @jessieclarkfunk. I knew I’d find you. Those lies you spewed about Ghana made you look less intelligent. That we hate the Mormons? Madam, are you okay? No one resents your temple. The area your temple (the church of Latter-Day Saints) stands in Accra (Ridge) is one of the richest, most peaceful and prestine neighborhoods. “

“I’ll forgive your imbecilic comments about the poverty stricken and hungry people you claim you saw around that temple and assume you just wanted to appear relevant. You looked pathetic instead.”

Nana Aba also took time to educate her on the realities of living in Ghana.

“Indeed, we do have poor people here just as your country does too. There are so many Americans who call cars, shacks, tents and boxes their homes. It’s 2023. Grow up. It’s time to unlearn the truckload of lies you’ve been fed by some of the painfully lazy media platforms in your country about Africa.”

She added, “ I’m willing to help you speak sensibly next time about a country that’s been kind to your ilk, church and any other organisation from your country. To be honest, they’d be shocked to the marrow to hear you speak this way about Ghanaians. You lot need to stop making Africa a victim of your incredibly dumb agenda,” parts of her post on Instagram read.

Here is Jessie Clark Funk’s video


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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