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At what point is blood sugar levels normal?

The threat of diabetes have become very high that adults above 45 should be able to check their blood sugar levels even at home and should be able to know when their blood sugar level is normal.

Checking blood sugar levels is particularly important for people who have diàbetes or prediabetes. It is equally important for people that are up to the age of 45 . This will go a long way in helping to prevent diabetes or manage it better,if you already have one.

According to WebMD, there are three major ways to measure blood sugar levels.

Fasting blood sugar level.

This is the commonest measure of blood sugar level. It measures a person’s blood sugar level when he has not taken anything in the morning. According to experts, for people who are above age 20, a fasting blood sugar level that is 100 mg/ dl or lower is normal.

Experts also agree that before meal blood sugar level that is between 70mg/ dl to 130mg/ dl can also be said to be normal.

2. After meal blood sugar level.

Blood sugar level of a person may also be taken within one to two hours after meal. If this is done and the measurements is within 180 mg/ dl, it is also assumed to be normal. Many doctors prefer fasting blood sugar measurement to this.

3. Average haemoglobin AiC count.

This measures the glucose that is attached to a person’s haemoglobin. This measurement is very important because it measures the average sugar level of a person over time . If it is 6.5 or below 7.0 , it is assumed to be normal.

The diagram below represents normal sugar levels measurements as explained above.

This information is a general medical guideline, you should however, following your doctor’s prescription.


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