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Bad Effects of Marijuana On The Body

Marijuana is a plant that many people use for recreation. According to some, it helps them feel happy or at ease. You may not be aware, though, that marijuana can harm your health as well.

What are Bad Effects of Marijuana On The Body?

According to Healthline, an online health information provider, marijuana can cause problems with memory, thinking, and learning. This means that it might be harder for you to remember things or do well in school if you use marijuana.

Marijuana can also affect your coordination and balance. This implies that you can experience difficulty walking or performing tasks that need the use of your hands.

Using marijuana can also affect your heart rate and blood pressure.This implies that your blood pressure may be greater or lower than it should be, and your heart may beat more quickly or more slowly than usual.

In some circumstances, marijuana use might potentially cause lung issues. For the same reason that cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke both include a number of hazardous compounds. This can eventually cause coughing, wheezing, and other breathing issues.

Eventually, addiction can develop as a result of marijuana use. This means that you might feel like you need to use marijuana all the time, and you might have a hard time stopping even if you want to.

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