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Beware: These 8 sets of partners may cheat after marriage

Alarmingly high rates of adultery and divorce are plaguing modern marriages. You might be asking why a couple that claims to love each other would choose not to marry each other.

It’s disheartening to realize that a person who seemed faithful in a relationship turns out to be promiscuous once they’re married.

Unfortunately, there are usually warning indicators that reveal a partner’s genuine character, but we are always so blinded by love that we fail to notice them. Time has, unfortunately, shown to be a reliable indicator of character flaws, making it a valuable tool for couples considering marriage.

This article’s goal is to inform you about these types of partners so that you may be on the lookout for warning signs and take appropriate action before it’s too late.

Some examples of spouses who would cheat are shown below.

First, partners who can’t manage their feelings. This is a major flaw, as emotional maturity is a must for any healthy relationship. Self-control is the ability to resist temptation or cravings without giving in to them. Lacking this quality, one is more inclined to place the responsibility for their infidelity problems on the devil, who is seen as the source of all evil.

A spouse who can’t manage their emotions is more likely to cheat on their mate. The willingness to respect your vows and loyalty requires self-control, not the absence of temptation to look at other individuals who are more gorgeous, handsome, curvy, muscular, and even clever than your spouse. A man who does not have any principles to uphold will eventually give up on anything.
Too many buddies or besties of the opposite sex could turn a partner become a liar. It’s important to remember that developing an emotional affair with someone who isn’t your partner because you two are closest friends might lead to physical affairs.

Thirdly, “Show me your friend, and I’ll tell you who you are,” is a typical saying among couples who have friends who are troublemakers. One unconsciously takes on the traits of one’s closest friends and family. A spouse who regularly hangs out with smokers is more likely to take up the habit themselves. Similar repercussions occur in relationships where one partner has promiscuous companions.

4) Partners that are too secretive to reveal their phone passwords with you throughout the dating phase are unlikely to share them with you after the wedding. It’s a vicious cycle: keeping secrets fosters mistrust, which in turn fosters doubts, which fosters a bridging of partners, and therefore fosters marital infidelity.

5) Spouses of those in arranged marriages may feel unfulfilled because they can’t pursue their true love after being coerced into a relationship.

6) Getting married for financial or social gain: This may seem like a smart plan before you’ve been married for a while, but it usually backfires. A person who gets married for financial reasons will eventually learn that it’s not all about money. Since their emotions aren’t being met by their spouse, they look elsewhere for emotional intimacy.

It’s a huge gamble to get back together with an ex-lover if you left them due to character flaws or a difference in values. Some people just can’t seem to adjust to married life. The possibility exists that they will view cheating as something they are entitled to exist.

In addition to number eight, no one should ever respect a person who has no respect for God. I don’t mean folks who just go to church; I mean those who know Jesus personally. Neither your vows nor God’s law requiring that each man be faithful to only one woman will be respected by a partner who does not respect God. Consequently, a spouse who thinks stealing is within their rights can do so without remorse.

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Source: Gabsfeed.com

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