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Bishop J.Y Adu discloses cause of Nana Adjei Sikapa’s death




Few days after the demise of seasoned newscaster Mr. Daniel Adjei Peprah, popularly known as Nana Agyei Sikapa of Peace FM, there have been speculations surrounding the cause of his death.

Nana Adjei is reported to have died after a short illness at the Ridge Hospital in Accra.

However, one person whose name keeps popping up amidst the hullabaloo is Bishop J.Y. Adu, Leader and founder of New Jerusalem Chapel (NJC) in Kumasi.

Speaking about the issue for the first time in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, monitored by GhanaWeb, the Bishop revealed that he was the one who healed the late Nana Adjei in 2017.

Narrating how he was able to heal the late journalist, he explained;

“In 2017 July, He became very sick and was admitted to a private hospital in Accra for some months. He did all he could but was not successful so he was transferred to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. His company made sure he was well attended to but his health kept deteriorating. He called me from the hospital and updated me about his status. So I told him to come to my church…though he agreed to come, he was not showing up as agreed after several weeks.

Finally, I was on my way to Takoradi to visit the branch there, when I had a call from my associate pastor in Kumasi that Nana Adjei had been brought to my church. The pastor told me how Nana Adjei looked very lean, weak, couldn’t speak, swallow saliva and couldn’t eat.

After my arrival, I was directed by God to boil a specific leaf for him to drink. 3 days after that direction, he could now drink water and eat as well. In 2 months, he became very strong and healthy to even join us during church service…On March 18th, 2018, he now became 100% healthy to even start work.”

Bishop Adu further claimed five months after Nana Adjei got healed, he was brainwashed by one prophet Obota, to make him belief, he (Bishop Adu) was an occultic prophet but not from God.

Following the incident, Nana Adjei invited some people to his show to mock and defame his personality as a man of God, his church, and associate pastors.

Not quite happy about the turn of events, he (Bishop J. Y.) said he tried everything to speak to Nana Adjei to find out if he together with his associate pastors and family had wronged the presenter in any way but he didn’t give him a listening ear.

Bishop Adu said Nana Adjei’s son called him that his father’s sickness had relapsed, a year and a half later adding that he (Nana Adjei) was unfortunately unable to call the man of God because he was at logger-heads with the Bishop.

“The sickness relapsed again in 2019 August with same symptoms. He lost his voice whenever he spoke. So he stopped work for over 4 months. In August, Nana Adjei’s child who is studying law came home to meet his sick father. He was the one who came with his father to Kumasi when he first got sick. So he’s son asked him to go back to Bishop J.Y Adu, if he’s sickness had relapsed. But Nana Adjei told him God will see through it.” he said in the Twi dialect in the interview.

He added that although though the wife of the late presenter apologized to him for all the wrongdoings there was nothing he could do as the presenter had already passed away.

He recounted the prophecy he gave on December 31, 2019, that a renowned journalist was going to die.

“Journalists how are you. I have seen that you were having a big funeral of a renowned journalist who is very likable. Everybody likes this journalist. If you don’t take care, you will bury him this year(2020). Pray against accidents. A media car will be involved in an accident. They were in a convoy. A car will kill a big man and some journalists. Some will be severely injured,” he said in his church.

Following the above declarations, Bishop Adu said it showed that he is a real man of God but not occultic as said by Prophet Obota.

Watch the video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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