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Breastfeeding my husband has made him healthier and brought us together – Lady says

A woman has revealed that she breastfeeds her husband and that, it has not only made them closer, but is also good for his health

Rachel Bailey, a 30 years old woman from the US, started the unusual practice with her husband, Alexander, also 30, in 2017 and the couple haven’t looked back since.

The mother-of-three claims Alexander hasn’t had a cold in two years and has since gotten plenty of compliments on his skin.

The couple insist that they aren’t embarrassed by it because ‘nothing bad has come from it all’.
‘It’s a bit of a taboo subject, but we wanted to share it because we don’t think it’s bad and we aren’t ashamed,’ she said.

Alexander initially began drinking Rachel’s breastmilk to help her when she was over-lactating while nursing their children.

‘When my middle child, Aria, now six, was breastfeeding, I went away on a cruise with Alexander,’ she explained.

‘However, I forgot my breast pump and was badly engorged for two days.

‘I was in so much pain and I was scared about getting an infection, so we decided that my husband was going to try drinking the milk to relieve me.

‘We were nervous about the idea of him breastfeeding from me but as soon as we did it, we realized it was perfectly fine.’

Rachel said it was ‘an instant relief when Alexander latched on’. ‘On top of that, it has also created a more special bond between us which we never would have had if we didn’t start this,’ she added.

When she was producing the most milk shortly after giving birth, he was drinking her milk ‘three to four times a day’.

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