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Castro: The ‘ghost’ that keeps haunting Asamoah Gyan

A weekend get-away at the luxurious Aqua Safari by Black Stars striker Asamoah Gyan and his circle of friends turned sour after musician Theopilous Tagoe affectionately known as Castro and a female acquaintance, Janet Bandu went missing while cruising on the River Volta.

Castro and Janet reportedly drowned after a jet ski crash in the Ada Estuary. It’s been 8-years since the famous musician disappeared, but throughout these years some Ghanaians demand answers from Gyan suspecting the ex-Black Stars of foul play.

The blames were intense which warranted a response and clarity from Gyan. Therefore, the lawyer for the Gyan Family, Kissi Adjebeng made an official response and stated what led to Castro’s disappearance.

“Castro and Janet did not have their life jackets on. Castro ignored cautions for the lady to put on a life jacket and sped off with the jet ski.

“We are not blamable for their disappearance. In fact, Castro and Asamoah were just about releasing their next single when the incident occurred “Adjabeng stated.

“The incident has been clarified, and more so what transpired has been explained. But some people opined that it’s just one side of the story. Who speaks for the deceased then? Every now and then the accusation of the Black Stars captain had a hand in his best friend’s disappearance pops up one way or the other.

In 2020, renowned layer Maurice Ampaw said the Police should have treated Gyan as a suspect.

“There is a principle in law that says when you are looking for somebody and you don’t find him, the last person that was closer to the person, is treated as a suspect,” he said as quoted by myjoyonline.com.

“So I was saying that when the incident happened, what ought to have been done is all those who went on the trip including Asamoah Gyan and his brothers should be treated as suspects,” he stated.

“The police just rushed in looking for Castro and Jane they left all the potential suspects to go…wrong approach,” he added.

Gyan in his LeGyandary Book, launched in 2022, narrated how disturbed he was after Castro’s disappearance and the effort he put into getting at least the corpse of the musician.

“As they left, I was confident of finding him somewhere doing his own thing. That was the only glimmer of hope I could give myself. Anim-Addo joined them and the other fellow mounted a jet ski. We continued our game though I was a bit distracted. Thirty minutes later, they all returned with the same news that they couldn’t find him,” part of the book read.

He added that he went the extra mile of engaging several fetish priests but they were all unable to find Castro.

“…The journey to the shrine was a blend of different emotions. On arrival, we were made to take off our shoes and offered a seat. I wondered if the priest would recognize me. I chuckled to myself. Do the gods also watch football? At least I could steal a moment of joy in all this turmoil.

“We sat down and the questions started. The Adas speak a native language called Dangme. The priest spoke the language and since we didn’t comprehend, we had someone interpret for us. He inquired if the lost person was someone of high repute.

”That question remarkably gave me faith. Perhaps, sparked a glimmer of hope in all the surrounding darkness. I mean, how could he have guessed so wildly and still had it right? Unless of course, there was a supernatural presence telling things in the unknown. We answered in the affirmative, and he gave us a wry smile.”

Despite detailing what he has been done over the years to bring his friend back to life, the accusations do not seem to be going away.

In August 2022,a video surfaced on social media, where a witch doctor who described herself as a ‘Daughter of Mami water’ accused Gyan of causing Ghanaians grief with regard to Castro’s disappearance.

“you caused grief for the whole country. You caused a lot of cries, regrets because there are musicians but he is different.”

It is safe to say no matter how hard Gyan tries to detach himself from the disappearance of Castro, many will continue to accuse him of foul play. EE/KPE

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