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Catholic Bishop Resigns After Falling In Love

Bishop Xavier Novell of Spain has reportedly left the Catholic Church after falling in love with an author of demonic erotic novels.

The 52-year-old priest, who became Spain’s youngest bishop in 2010, submitted his resignation at the end of last month, citing “personal reasons”.

According to the Catholic website Religión Digital, he and Silvia are said to be having an affair.

When asked about his relationship with Silvia, the author of the pornographic trilogy Amnesia and The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust, Xavier replied that he had “fallen in love” and that he “wanted to do the right thing”.

Silvia’s The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust contains “the primordial conflict between good and evil, God and Satan, angels and demons”, as well as occultism and sadism.

According to some stories, Pope Francis requested an exorcism for himself to “free his tortured spirit”, but Xavier refused.

The bishop has already been criticised for his links to alleged ‘gay conversion therapy’.

He has been accused of marrying a woman without the support or consent of the bride’s parents or the local priest, who was one of the young men undergoing the ‘therapy’.

He was also a vocal supporter of Catalan independence.

Among those who supported Xavier’s resignation were two former ministers of the separatist Catalan administration who have been jailed on sedition charges.

Bishop Novell has consistently supported political prisoners in word and, more importantly, in deed, becoming one of the few outliers in the leadership of the Catalan church, according to Mr Rull.

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