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Check Out Stunning Photos Of Hajia Bintu and Her ‘Sister’ Causing Commotion Online


A woman with a curvy body who has a small waist and full hips is considered attractive and is getting a lot of attention on social media sites in Ghana because of how beautiful she looks.

Both Hajia Bintu and Abena Cilla are pretty women who are getting more and more popular on TikTok and Instagram. They are sisters, and everyone knows how pretty and charming they are. People also think they have a good sense of reality. They are getting a lot of attention online because of how big their buttocks are.

Which of these two influencers do you think has the most curves and the biggest buttocks?

Ghanaian fashion influencer and brand expert Abena Cilla is known for her striking online presence and for being born on July 6. She is often known for her beautiful pictures and praised for her curvy body, which she proudly shows off online. Her shapely body, especially her beautiful rear end, is often the first thing that people notice about her.

Photo Credit: hajia_bintu/Instagram and abena.cilla/Instagram

Source: Club Mate

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