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CKROWD Announces Major Software Upgrade To Change The Creators’ Economy In Africa And The Diaspora

Ckrowd announces new major platform upgrade to 1.4 software version, making its features the best to support Live & On-Demand content publishing & monetisation for global creators

24 January 2022, London, UK:  Ckrowd, Africa’s most preferred and premium content streaming platform, announces the launch of a software update to their flagship Ckrowd platform. The Ckrowd 1.4 version offers new features to support Live & On-Demand content publishing & monetisation for all, as their mission is providing inclusivity, value and profit for all creators, especially for those from emerging economies. 

With greater support for global content creators, they will now be able to receive revenue in dollars and local revenue simultaneously for the same content. This will provide greater visibility and increased global appeal also to creators in the Diaspora and emerging markets, where local based revenues are often ignored when discussing monetisation. The ability to use the company’s innovative geo-pricing technology for consumers from local and international markets is a critical feature for modernisation, global revenues and content definition.

Several other improvements included in this release also build upon the strong foundation of features already available in the previous version Ckrowd 1.2. These include:

‘Ckrowd Live’ to be used by creators to demand payment to exclusive viewers for live digital performances.

Creators fixing prices for Live & On-Demand Content with advisory guidance from Ckrowd.

Creators to receive 70% of total income as pay out from Ckrowd for their exclusive content.

Increased usage of Geo-pricing Technology for consumers from local and international markets.

Support for Security authorization facility (SAF) – guarding your virtual meetings.

Receive revenue for consultation meetings or live teaching classes.

Kayode Adebayo, CEO of Ckrowd, said: “Our aim is to have a very thriving creators’ economy, while providing content consumers with unique and original experiences, unlike anywhere else on the internet. We believe that until creators are able to connect with their super fans and exclusively and uniquely cater to them, the experiential dichotomies between these two parties aren’t complete. Ckrowd Technology enables Creators in any creative discipline to firstly cater to their super fans, while these super fans appreciate them financially for the personal access granted to them in chats, live and On-Demand content. Creators feel valued and can finance their own creative projects, operating as true SMEs and super fans are given a premium experience, that’s the Ckrowd promise.”
Ckrowd 1.4 also supports African film producers, where due to monetary, bureaucratic, and infrastructural challenges, many films that cannot make it to the cinema are released exclusively to their digital audiences. Additionally, many creators and professionals within the creative digital industry can employ Ckrowd Advert, whose large reach allows them to connect with more than 30million Nigerians at low-cost rates of 20 kobo or $0.43 per message via WhatsApp, SMS & Emails.

This upgrade will also enhance the entertainment experience offered by Ckrowd 1.4, where creators and customers can look forward to an all-inclusive, new excitement, content creation and gratuitous consumption. Furthermore, it will offer creators the opportunity to generate high returns for their locally produced content and earn in their local currencies, whilst their content is distributed globally to audiences looking for truly exclusive and tailored experiences.

The new Ckrowd 1.4 release will allow creators to better serve the fast-changing needs of users attracted to the Africa and Afro-inspired creativity across music, cinema, theatre, gastronomy, literature, education and fashion just to name a few. The creator’s economy and Ckrowd’s continued commitment will be to improve the integration platform through new technology and innovation to support the next generation of international content mavericks, especially those across lower- and middle-income countries.

About Ckrowd

Ckrowd (Pronounced as crowd) distributes African Content in information, education, and entertainment to a global audience in short video and live-stream format. It has been created to solve the problem of poor revenue for African and Afro-Diaspora content creators by allowing to profit from revenue opportunities on the platform, while also providing an online portal where original, exclusive varieties of African content are well organized, can be accessed with ease and consumed as on demand short videos and live series.


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