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Couple Burns Their Maid’s Genitals With Hot Water

After a 19-year-old maid stole $200 from a couple, they tied her up, tortured her, and poured boiling water into her genitals.

When Thembelani Moyo and Sibongile Mpofu, a Filabusi couple who lives in Vukuzenzele town and works at Senga Slope Pant Mine, discovered that the $200 they kept in their closet had been stolen, they became enraged.

They inquired about the missing money with their housekeeper, but she denied knowing anything about it. She was beaten by the couple until she admitted that she had taken the money, but she only had $31 with her after she spent $169 of it.

The couple boiled water and poured it on the housemaid’s private parts to punish her for stealing that money.

The couple once more reported the incident to the police, claiming that the maid had robbed them, leading to her arrest.

The maid explained what the couple did to her after she took that money to Filabusi Judge Abednico Ndebele. The severity of the wounds to the maid’s private parts is listed in a medical report.

For assaults, the couple was immediately arrested and taken into custody.

Source: Gnewspage

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