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[VIDEO): Man fakes suicide attempt to condemn societal pressures on unmarried people, couples

A middle-aged man known as ‘Dr Think Twice’ has been arrested by the police in Accra after threatening to commit suicide at the Obetsebi-Lamptey Circle in Accra.

Dr Think Twice climbed the Obestebi-Lamptey statue at the Roundabout on Tuesday morning (20 August 2019), to ostensibly, end his life, claiming his wife had left him broken-hearted.

By-passers thronged the scene to feed their curiosity while a team of policemen and firefighters sieged the area to help the situation.

However, it emerged later that the man was an anti-suicide advocate who pulled the stunt to create public awareness about societal pressures that push people to commit suicide.

According to him, he had tried a similar stunt at Kejetia in the Ashanti Region and hopes this time his message will reach a wider audience.

“We put pressure on people to get married, to give birth. When you have one child they ask: ‘Why do you have only one?’, if you have two, they say it is not enough. The childless men are told their phalluses are useless,” he lamented to the media after climbing down from the statue.

He was handcuffed and whisked away by the police.

Source: Ghana/ClassFMonline.com

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