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Dan Abodakpi, others secure injunction against coronation of new Anlo king and queen

The Ho High Court has granted an ex-parte injunction against the installation of a new king and queen for the Anlo State.

The injunction was granted on the request of Togbe Sri III, Awadada Awusu Agbesi II and Dan Agbodakpi in a suit against Torgbi Addo VIII, Torgbui Kpemini Gawu VI, lawyer Ephriam Agbedeko Vordorgu, Confidence Ama Haugen and Afumenu Korkortor Dziekpor.

Signed by Her Lordship Justice Naana Bedu-Addo, the interim injunction orders the defendants to put on hold the planned installation of a king and queen mother of Anlo under the stool names Dutor Torgbiga Wenya III and Mamaga Abui Buitekpor II respectively.

“It is hereby ordered that the Defendants/Respondents herein, their Privies, Agents, Principals, Assigns and any person or persons acting or through them from carrying out the planned coronation of a Togbui Wenya III and a Mama Abui Buiekpor II are restrained till all the matters are resolved by the appropriate authorities,” the court ordered.

The order of the court comes on the back of the planned coronation event scheduled for Saturday, August 13, 2022, at Anloga.

Private legal practitioner, Chris Ackumey, at a recent press conference, called on the nation’s security apparatus to act proactively in preventing a violent chieftaincy clash in the Anlo Kingdom.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, the private legal practitioner said that the youth and people of Anlo will block any attempts by a faction to install new chiefs under the titles DutorTorgbigaWenya III and Mamaga Abui Buiekpor.

He noted worryingly that the development could lead to a clash of factions and that would culminate in unfortunate chaos on the part of the country.

Making some revelations about the planned event, Lawyer Ackumey observed that at a time when the country is dealing with economic hardships, it would not be right for it to be rocked by a chieftaincy dispute hence the need for the security agencies to step in as a matter of urgency.

He claimed that some powerful and unseen hands are behind the issue but warned that the nation could be plunged into a chieftaincy dispute similar to the Dagbon one which was recently resolved.

“This attempt to install a chief so-called DutorTorgbigaWenya III of AnloState is revisionist because the same attempt was made some years back (in 2007). Those who are pushing this revisionist agenda are bent on unleashing hell on Anloland and not until the security apparatus come in, we must be ready for another trouble (similar to what happened in 2007).

“I don’t want to think that we want to wait till there is another trouble in Anloland which would result in mayhem before we act. Then state security must act now to avert any mayhem,” Mr Ackumey said.

Providing historical context to the issue, Chris Ackumey explained since time immemorial, chieftaincy in Anlo has been the preserve of the Adzorviawo and the Batawo.

“To be very honest, he (Wenya) was a prominent opinion leader of the Anlos and his voice was an influential voice and he died without being a chief or occupying any stool,” he said.

Chris Ackumey stated further that it has been made known to the claimants of the chieftaincy title from Laofe clan that, history and the succession plan of the Anlos do not support their assertions hence the need for them to lay down their tools and allow peace to prevail in the state. He also added that efforts will be made to seek an injunction on the ceremony.

“They were also told that there has never been any Mamaga Abui Buiekpor I and to that extent, there could not be MamagaAbuiBuiekpor II. It was also made known to them that the HogbePark where they intend to do their illegal installation is reserved only for the coronation of paramount chiefs of Anlo and that no event of that nature should happen at the park,” he noted.

The claimants, bent on carrying out their plan, MrAckumey said, walked out of the meeting “but I know that they will definitely be resisted should they go ahead to attempt installing TorgbiWenya III,” he added.


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