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Drama as suspected burglar pretends to be a solar panel on roof after break-in

A suspected burglar had a not so bright idea when he tried to disguise himself as a solar panel in a bid to evade police.

Footage shows the bungling suspect lying on the roof of a building following a high-speed getaway attempt.

Despite the originality of the ‘ruse’, it did not fool police who immediately rumbled the suspect in Wandsworth, south-west London.

Photos taken by the National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter’s thermal imaging device show a figure next to a solar panel.

The force tweeted some ‘friendly advice’ on their Twitter account following the bust.

“They’ll never find me if I just lay here and pretend I’m a solar panel! Wrong!!” it joked.

“Friendly advice for any burglars that use Twitter – pretending to be solar panel on a roof will not fool us or our camera!!… you’re welcome!”

Followers found the incident hilarious and shared their reactions.

“Given that police helicopters have thermal imaging that’s a terrible attempt at hiding you’ll pick that up in seconds,” one person commented.

“They don’t appear to be as ‘bright’ as the solar panels it seems,” another joked.

A third echoed their sentiments, writing “not the brightest spark”.

Thermal images show the suspect hiding on the roof of a building in London (

Image: @NPASLondon/Twitter)

SOURCE: mirror.co.uk

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