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Effects Of Applying Cabbage Leaves On Your Breast As A Woman

According to “WebMD”, people have been using cabbage leaves to cure engorgement, mastitis, and blocked ducts for generations. It is thought that cabbage leaves reduce inflammation and drain extra fluid from the tissue of the mammary glands.

Washing and drying cabbage leaves are necessary before using them. Finally, put them inside your bra, making sure they completely enclose the mammary gland. Use tape or a safety pin to hold them in place. As long as you can, for up to several hours, keep the cabbage leaves in place.

Some women discover that after only a few minutes, their mammary glands feel less engorged, while others might need to leave the cabbage leaves in place for longer. The cabbage leaves can be taken off at any moment if you discover that they are uncomfortable.

Even if you are pregnant or nursing, there is no proof that eating cabbage leaves is bad for your health according to studies. Nonetheless, it is always best to talk to your healthcare physician before utilizing any home cure if you have any questions.

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