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Energy Ministry descends on Captain Smart over attacks on NAPO

The Minister of Energy has responded to attacks on the sector’s minister; Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh (NAPO), by broadcaster Godsbrain Smart; popularly known as Captain Smart, over the discussions on the government finding a partner for the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).

According to the ministry, the allegation of wrongdoings on the side of NAPO by Captain Smart is totally baseless and should be disregarded by Ghanaians.

In a statement sighted by GhanaWeb, it explained that the proposal to find a partner for TOR involves many stakeholders including the Office of the Attorney General and other ministers; adding that the refinery has its own Board of Directors and management running the day-to-day affairs, who are primary stakeholders in this transaction.

The statement, which was issued by the Spokesperson for NAPO, Kofi Abrefa Afena, also said that no contract had been signed as alleged.

“On the back of the above explanations, we struggle to understand how anybody can allege a mirage of wrongdoing on the part of the sector Minister. For the likes of Captain Smart, it is just the usual easy business of maligning one’s reputation through the throwing of tantrums to create an impression of corruption on the part of the Minister in the eyes of unsuspecting citizens.

“Captain Smart and his ilk are reminded that the history of this country is replete with a number of instances, where Boards and Managements of State-owned Enterprises have been solely answerable to the relevant authority without recourse to a sector minister and therefore the erroneous assumption that a Minister is blamed for every happening is such a fallacy.

“On the issue of the undiluted insults on Dr Prempeh’s Ashanti royalty which has no nexus with the current matter, it is not in our civilized place to respond in equal measure, except to acknowledge that, it only accentuates the uncouth character of Captain Smart as described by many Ghanaians,” parts of the statement read.

The ministry told Captain Smart to learn to practice responsible journalism which educates and informs Ghanaians and does not deliberately transmit hatred in furtherance of sinister agenda.

“Captain Smart must begin to understand that as a journalist, he has a responsibility to educate and inform his audience and not to use his platform to deliberately transmit hatred in furtherance of sinister agenda. We wish to alert Ghanaians of the avalanche of contrived attacks in the offing on the Energy Minister in the coming days by his political ‘assailants’,” the statement added.

What Captain Smart said:

Captain Smart fumed that it is unintelligent to lease out TOR, a property worth $ 2.8 billion for $22 million.

“A facility worth $ 2.8 billion, the Akufo-Addo government wants to lease it for $22 million. Akufo-Addo, I swear on your father’s grave, we won’t allow this. I swear everything,” Captain Smart said.

Captain Smart further tackled the Minister of Energy, NAPO, to open his eyes as the Ashanti royal that he is and oversee his sector with wisdom.

“NAPO, you are an Ashanti man, think. You are from a royal home, use your brains. Don’t be overly fixated with Vice President. Integrity is more than position. Don’t let them fool you into thinking Bawumia will appoint you as his vice so every foolish thing they bring, you’ll endorse it,” he added.

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