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Enough of the foolishness – Kumchacha blasts Prophet Kofi Oduro

Prophet Kumchacha of Heaven’s Gate Ministries has launched scathing attacks on Prophet Kofi Oduro following The Alabaster International Ministry founder’s response to Daughters of Glorious Jesus on the subject of listening to secular music.

According to Kumchacha who is known in private life as Nicholas Osei, the outburst was repugnant and deserves condemnation hence his decision to call out Kofi Oduro.

“Enough of the foolishness,” Kumchacha said in the Twi language in a video that has since gone viral. “Your tomfoolery has reached its limit and nobody can tell you but the truth is you are fooling too much. You’re behaving as though you’d be the first person to be raptured.”

A visibly livid Kumchacha without mincing words lambasted Kofi Oduro, poohpoohing the latter’s style of preaching. He argued that some secular songs have a positive impact on the public and cannot fathom why anyone would forbid Christians from listening to such songs.

Citing some secular musicians who have produced good songs, Kumchacha in the video sighted by GhanaWeb said: “Some gospel musicians wear indecent attires but listen to the lyrics of some of the secular songs. Amakye Dede, Akwasi Ampofo Agyei, and the likes…

“And if someone says they listen to secular songs that are clean, you flare up and insult them. I haven’t even heard you quote the Bible in your church except commanding people on top of your voice to listen to you. Just spitting saliva. Enough of the baloney. None is righteous,” Kumchacha fumed with rage.


The subject of whether or not Christians should listen to secular music was ignited after Gospel musician Moses OK argued that it was wrong for a Christian to do so. The issue was discussed on UTV’s United Showbiz where music group Daughters of Glorious Jesus disclosed their love for some secular songs and acts.

“It is God who gives talent. As a Christian, you can listen to secular songs, and even their lyrics can touch you and compel you to do the right thing. The gift is from God. That is Moses’ view. I like listening to Amakye Dede a lot. He even came to sing for me on my birthday,” Edna, a member of the group said.

“Yes. I listen to his songs and I don’t think anybody will think I have backslidden just by listening to Kojo Antwi. Some of Kojo Antwi’s songs give good counsel. He sings love songs. If you are married and you listen to some of those songs with your husband, isn’t it a good feeling? Because Kojo Antwi also goes to church,” another member of the group, Monica, said.

Kofi Oduro’s reactions

On the contrary, Prophet Kofi Oduro saw everything wrong with the decision to listen to secular music regardless of what the song is about.

“The other time, I was watching a program on TV and I became sad. I could hear people who are gospel ministers talking about their preference for all kinds of secular songs. I saw that and I screamed,” Kofi Oduro said.

“These people are bad examples to the Christians. This kind of Christianity will make the gospel lost in the next ten years. In only ten years, there will be no gospel. How will you feel if you came to meet me smoking wee on my pulpit? The Bible gives us the free will but not all things are permissible to humankind,” Oduro added.

According to the vocal preacher, the word of God which is standard for all Christians frowns on such acts. Consequently, Christians are supposed to obey instead of finding means to justify defiance.

“I don’t listen to Bob Marley; I don’t listen to Alpha Blonde. When it comes to the Word, your opinions do not matter. The word of God is paramount. When you burn in hellfire, you’d realize your opinions do not matter. When COVID struck and pastors were asked not to operate, we obeyed and stayed indoors, so how much more God,” he established.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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