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Ex-convict reveals how police ‘secure’ cocaine; big men and royals buy from sellers

Nana Kwame, a businessman cum ex-convict has disclosed the ‘ups and downs’ associated with trading in cocaine.

The young man who resides at Krofom in Kumasi, said although the cocaine business is profitable, the police must always get their share of the money because they are the ones who protect the dealers.

In an interview with Kwaku Manu on the ‘Aggressive Show’, the young man disclosed that monies made from this type of business usually ‘vanishes’ and are mostly unaccounted for.

“I have sold a lot of things. I even sold cocaine for ten years. You will make a lot of money from it but just know that the police will get their cut. You will live well and large but just know that it is not a good thing. You will lose all the money you make without knowing that what you used it for,” he said.

Throwing more light on how the police is actively involved in their dealings, he said,

“They always conduct a swoop but usually don’t end up jailing anyone because if you know how to wash your hands properly, you dine with elders. We settle them. The police in Ghana is very much aware of where the drugs are. I won’t deceive you. We don’t manufacture drugs in Ghana but there is always drugs in the country. Have you asked yourself why? It always comes from the top before it gets to us at the bottom. The police usually conduct operation so people will know they are working. Everything is business,” he added.

Nana Kwame opened up on what drove him into such a business.

“My mother had the biggest chop bar in the Ashanti region. Esewani Chop bar belongs to my mother. So, it’s not poverty or hunger that took me to the streets. I just wanted to experience how life on the streets feel like. The street is a combination of everything. There is everything here.

“But at a point, my mother died so life became hard. I narrated my situation to a close friend and he introduced me to the business,” he stated.

Tackling the perception that those who sell cocaine usually have a taste or feel of it, he said it is a matter of choice.

“If you’re not careful, you will be tempted to also use it. Everything depends on you. I have never sniffed cocaine in my entire life but as for weed, I am a master in it. I started smoking weed in Senior Secondary School. The cocaine is a strong drug, even those of us who sell it do not sell it raw, we mix it with a different substance. First timers especially, cannot taste it raw. After packaging cocaine, you need to wash your hands thoroughly even before you eat,” he stated.

He also narrated instances where he advised clients to be measured in their spendings on the drug and the health implications associated with it.

“I used to advise those who used to buy from me not to spend all their life savings on the drug. Most of these junkies don’t even eat. They don’t like food. They can buy like GHC2.0 worth of food and purchase about GHC7,000 worth of cocaine. Cocaine is such that, it is not for the poor.

“I get worried when it takes a toll on people’s health. I get sad when I see junkies looking a mess after several years of patronizing cocaine. The drug is such that, it will one day expose you. Physically, mentally and even with your appearance, you will be exposed,” he asserted.

Nana Kwame also disclosed that most prominent men in society usually patronize this type of drug.

“All manner of prominent people use cocaine. Kings and queens, doctors, politicians, and so on. Like I said, it is a drug for rich people.”

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