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Expert reveals three ways for men to increase penis size

The debate over the size of the male genitalia has been ongoing for centuries, with some men seeking ways to increase their size while some women believe a larger penis is more desirable.

In a recent interview with Jessica Opare Soforo on YouTube, Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner (APRN) Lili Hammond revealed three methods that men can use to increase their manhood.

1. Vacuum system method:

The first method is the vacuum system, which she claims is available for purchase, and this method involves the use of a pump-like device that is supposed to create elongation when the penis is pumped.

However, according to Hammond, the effectiveness of this method is subjective and not sustained after the pump is removed.

“One of them is the vacuum system, which is available for purchase. Does it work? It’s subjective, and you can go and look it up. It is a pump-like thing, and when you pump it (the penis), it is supposed to create the elongation. Does it sustain? This stuff, no. As soon as it comes off, it goes back to normal,” she said.

2. Surgery removing a ligament under the penis

The second method involves surgery, where a specific ligament that causes the penis to hang lower is cut to increase its length.

However, Hammond warns that the jury is still out on the effectiveness of this method, and it may not be reversible, so it should be carefully considered before undergoing the procedure.

“The second is a surgical move, and all it actually does is cut a specific ligament that causes your penis to hang a little lower and make it have that length. Does that work for everyone? The jury is still out. But if you should do something where they cut something like that, it may not be reversible, so think of that before you do it,” she added.

3. Contraction using a cream prescribed by a urologist

The third and final method she added involves the use of a contraction that a urologist can prescribe.

This method involves applying gentle traction to the penis for several hours a day over several months, which stretches the member out. Although it may be uncomfortable, this method has been proven to add about two centimetres to the penis.

“The final one, which the science does support to some extent, is a contraction that you can be prescribed by your urologist and that you apply to your penis several hours a day for several months, which applies gentle traction to the penis over that period of time and literally just stretches the member (penis) out,” she shared.

However, Hammond notes that a lot of the desire to increase penis size is psychological, and not always based on physical needs.

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