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Factors That Can Lead To Smelly Urine

While research has shown that smelly pee can sometimes be a sign of a health issue, particularly if the smell does not go away, human urine typically has a terrible odor. The following medical disorders, according to Medicalnewstoday, can make urine to smell badly.

1. Diabetes.

The body’s ability to produce urine also seems to be impacted by high blood sugar levels. This might be brought on by excessive sugar in the urine, which causes it to smell foul. One sign of diabetes that shouldn’t be ignored is pungent urine. Other signs of diabetes include blurred vision, fatigue, sluggish wound healing, and others. Anytime you begin to experience any symptoms, please schedule an appointment with your doctor.

2. Bacteria vaginosis.

The growth of dangerous germs in the female intimate organ is what gives rise to this medical ailment. The organ’s bacterial activities may result in a characteristic fishy smell and foul-smelling urine. The itching and burning discomfort experienced while peeing are additional typical signs of these illnesses. Once these symptoms start appearing in females, it is advisable that they pay more attention to their health.

3. Organ failure.

Urine smells might sometimes be signs of organ failure. According to information from Medicalnewstoday, some persons with renal failure frequently have painful urination and urine with a bad odor. As soon as you experience this sensation in your body, you should see a doctor to help determine the source.

4. Urinary tract infection (UTI).

This medical condition usually manifests as smelly urine, blood in the urine, and difficulty urinating. It develops when harmful bacteria multiply in the ureter, bladder, or kidneys. Patients with UTI are typically given antibiotics in an attempt to alleviate their symptoms. When left untreated, a urinary tract infection might really result in difficulties.

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