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Follow These Simple Steps To Send Large Files On WhatsApp Without Any Limits

For sending and receiving messages, as well as making calls and making business, we all use the WhatsApp app.

The app is one of the most popular on the planet, despite all the news surrounding it.

At first, people will have to use email and post box letters to communicate with a loved one without the help of WhatsApp, which came to aid the way of sending messages across the globe.

It wasn’t easy to use social media because it wasn’t easy for people to do it.

All you have to do is install the app, sign up with your number and chat with anyone on your contact list who is also using the app.

The maximum size of media that can be sent on the messaging service is 16 MB.

If I tell you there is an easy way to send a file that is more than 16 MB without doing anything, what are you going to do?

Relax and let me take you through how to do it.

This is how to do it.

To send a large file, open a chat with the person you want to send it to.

The icon that is next to the camera is on the chat screen.

Select the document you want to read.

Pick and send your file as a document.

You can send the full file without having to do anything.

The person will receive the full file but it will be in the ‘Whatsapp Documents’ folder.

Thanks for reading, hope you have learned something new today.

Source: DailySpot Blog

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