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Foods You Shouldn’t Refrigerate

For our way of life, most foods, and our small kitchen area, cold storage is crucial. Some products, nevertheless, are better kept on the counter or in the pantry because refrigeration can have unfavourable effects on them.

Knowing what needs to be chilled is simple; however, understanding what shouldn’t be chilled is more challenging. We compiled this list of the ten frequent foods that you should NEVER keep in the refrigerator for that reason.

According to Medicalnewstoday, the following are 5 common things you shouldn’t refrigerate.

1. Potatoes.

When you refrigerate raw potatoes, a number of different things can happen since the fridge is much too cold for the potato. The potato starts turning starches into sugars when it gets too cold, which results in the outside being discoloured and having a very unpleasant texture.

According to several studies, keeping potatoes in the refrigerator increases the amount of acrylamide that is released when cooking. Recent research has shown that this substance is known to cause cancer.

2. Coffee.

Coffee, whether it is whole or ground, acts like a sponge. Both the contents and the fragrance of your refrigerator are absorbed by it. Let’s say you keep that mushy, soft onion right next to your coffee. Who wants an onion coffee? not in my opinion. Store your coffee in an airtight container in a dim location for the benefit of yourself and your taste buds.

3. Oil.

Cooking oils, such as canola, sunflower, and olive oil, are necessary components for sautéing, baking, and frying. If you chill cooking oil, though, a lot of things can happen. The varied fat contents of these oils will, of course, change the optimum manner of storage.

4. Onions.

Onions should be kept away from the refrigerator since, in addition to the light, the wetness of the refrigerator atmosphere can cause them to become mouldy much more quickly.

5. Garlic.

We adore crisp, spotless iceboxes. Keep the peeled garlic out of the refrigerator unless you enjoy living in a stink box. Garlic becomes rubbery in texture when refrigerated, adding to its already pungent stench!

Due to excess moisture, garlic degrades more quickly in the refrigerator. Garlic should be stored in a cool, dry area.

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