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Gay man arrested for attempting to defile a 12-year-old boy

A man whose name isn’t known was caught trying to molest a 12-year-old boy in Umuimo Estate, Aba, Abia State. He was saved from being sent back to his creator.

It was found out that the suspect was caught at his home on Tuesday, January 17, 2022. A source says that he got the boy to come to his house by telling him he needed help cutting grass to feed his goats. When the boy got there, he was caught in the act of molesting the boy.

“It happened where I live. It’s said that the man is known for sex with young boys. We found out that a day before this happened, he had lured a boy to his house and tried to molest him.

The boy screamed and ran away. So, the next day, he got this 12-year-old boy, whose mother had sent him on an errand, to come with him.

Fortunately, he wasn’t able to kidnap the boy because he was caught just in time. The suspect was then brought out for people to see.

Angry witnesses were also there when the victim was being questioned, and he or she told them what had happened. When the boy’s mother went to the crime scene, she was shocked to hear what had happened. She said that she sent her son out to do some things and was worried when he didn’t come back.

“After the suspect said what he did, he was turned over to the police to be questioned further and possibly charged,” the source said.

Source: iNews

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