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Ghana First refuses to settle contractors for two years long work done  




Most of the contractors who were engaged by Ghana First are demanding payments for work done for about two years long.


Speaking to Mr. Kusi Appiah of Nana Owusu Enterprise, he disclosed that they have been on Ghana First’s case for two years running, for payments for works done.


CEO of Ghana First has asserted that most of the contracted companies do not understand the work they are rendering, which he refers to as ‘unprofessional’.

Mr. Kusi Appiah’s response to whether they have reached out to heads of the industry and other officials stated that they had already done that and that they are fully aware of what is ongoing.


Mr. Appiah confirmed that they have insurance covering the work, known as “contractor’s all risk insurance”.


He further stated that he was in trouble because his home he used as collateral for a loan to complete their work, had been claimed by his bankers. This was being taken by the bank for defaulting in paying the loan.


The contractors expressed their displeasure about the delay on payments as was agreed.


Mr. Martin Amoakohene of Martin Kohen Company Limited also disclosed that they are not the only contractors who have been affected by Ghana First’s project, a lot of contractors are suffering, which he estimated to be more than one thousand (1,000) across the nation.


The terms agreed upon by Ghana First and contractors of the project was to build and roof the house for a 50% profit.


He mentioned that for the 20 seater, it amounted to 3.3 billion Ghana Cedis. Contractors had to pay 10% of the price before the work is granted to them.


After the work is completed contractors are given 49% of the cost of the project.

Mr. Amoakohene carried out his work at


Ghana First led by Mr. Frank Akuli awarded the contracts to the contractors giving us award letters to confirm same.


It is sad that now for Mr. Akuli to go on radio to say a different story altogether.


A certificate has been issued on one of the works we did at Kyereyaaso and a stipulated amount paid was 1.52 million Cedis.


We would have been glad if that money is paid as it would ease our stress and challenges at the moment.


We requested that the work we completed at Anuabutu should also be paid but even before that would be paid the engineers demand so much money from us.


After paying these sums to the engineers, he came back to inform us that after a meeting with one Mr. Akuli, we should polish the work already done and hand over the keys to them before payment will be made.


We wonder why part of the money would not be even paid if they claim we will receive it in full when we hand over the keys.


This is not fair at all on our part. We feel deceived and frustrated by their actions since they could have even given us payment for one work done out of the three installments as initial payments but no.


We reached out to the Hon. Kusi Marfo, the NPP Henehini Chairman about the situation.


According to him the agreements that were made are being denied. And that Mr. Frank Akuli is raising a different claim.


The Chaiman and the DCE were the ones who introduced us to these people and explained and showed us the plans to the works to be done.


These contractors and a lot more of their likes are in this burden. They are currently seeking to be paid to enable them move on with their jobs and lives.


Source: Thepressradio.com/Dickson Boadi

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