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‘Ghanaians enduring immense hardship’ – Sam Jonah laments endemic corruption, greed

Sir Sam Jonah has called on professional bodies in the country to speak up on issues of misgovernance, rising corruption and general hardships being experienced by the populace.

In his view, professional bodies cannot remain silent because they are major stakeholders in the affairs of the country and must play their role as Civil Society Organizations.

He was speaking at the 2023 annual general conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSG) held at the Air Force base in Takoradi on Wednesday, Sept 6.

Ghana, he said in his keynote address was going through excruciating times and it was “only fair to be truthful and acknowledge that people are enduring immense hardship.”

He said “Confidence in key institutions are on the decline. Checks and balances which are desperately needed for the progress of any nation are seriously compromised.”

“Corruption and greed have eaten deep into the fabric of our nation. Young people are fast losing hope and the dignity of labour. Public services, which are already paid for by taxpayers’ money are subject to bribes solicited by public officials in order to speed up processes or to exempt people from necessary procedures.”

He cited three instances in recent past in which senior government officials had lamented the rising spate of corruption.

From Senior Minister Yaw Osafo-Maafo’s comments at a Presbyterian Church of Ghana event to the ministers of foreign affairs and roads’ admission that people under their ministeries were actively engaged in corrupt practices.

Sir Sam Jonah expressed worry that, “today, despite all that is happening, one hardly hears from professional bodies regarding the welfare of the nation.

“Most associations will only be heard when it concerns their salaries or businesses. Teachers’ associations, journalists, nurses, doctors, surveyors, lawyers, accountants, architects, planners, social workers, psychologists etc. are all present in this country,” he added.

“Your civic responsibility enjoins you to be active citizens in the affairs of the nation. Keeping silent is not the way to do that. If you see things going on that are not right expect your society to speak up so that your members become active citizens,” he added.

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