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GUYS TIPS: Marry Your Girlfriend if You See These Signs

For the sake of this article, though, the goal is not to be condescending to women but rather to give an idea of what qualities would make someone a solid lifelong partner.

The qualities discussed here generally indicate someone who will be a committed, loyal spouse, not just a temporary fling or whirlwind romance.

When looking into the signs she is wifey material, it is important to consider the ten following qualities of a good wife:

The ability to handle setbacks in life
Caring for herself physically

The above qualities to look for in a wife can give you an idea of whether or not your partner is wifey material, but some specific signs can help you be more confident.

Consider the following 30 signs of what makes a woman wife material:

1. She doesn’t bring up your past mistakes
We all have a past, which probably includes some decisions we aren’t proud of.

A woman who is wifey material won’t criticize you for your past wrongdoings.

2. She tolerates your quirks
Marriage isn’t always glamorous, so if she puts up with your quirks without complaint, she’s probably the one.

This means she won’t make a big deal out of your annoying traits or imperfections.

3. She’s there for you during the ups and downs
A girlfriend who is only around during the good times doesn’t know how to be wife material. Life is never perfect, and it will come with struggles.

A loyal wife will support you, even during the tough times, and help you through whatever life throws your way.

4. She gives you second chances
As life is never perfect, relationships are also imperfect.

This means that you will make mistakes and let her down from time to time. If she can give you second chances after a misstep, this is a woman you can count on to stay by your side for life.

5. She makes an effort to get to know your friends
Even when we enter into a marriage, we still need friends in our lives.

If she can get along with your friends and even hang out with the guys once in a while, this shows that the important people are also important to her.

This is a sign that she has strong marriage qualities.

6. You find her attractive, even when she isn’t dolled up
Looks aren’t everything, but some physical attraction keeps the spark alive in a marriage.

When you’ve fallen for the woman who is meant to be your wife, you will find her beautiful when she’s wearing old sweatpants and has no makeup on.

7. You see her as your best friend
One of the qualities to look for in a wife is someone who can be your lover and your friend.

This is a lifelong partner, so a strong friendship is critical.

8. She knows how to be independent
Indeed, spouses rely on each other for support and shared decision-making, but you don’t want her to depend on you for every single decision.

A wifey material knows how to be independent and do her own thing, and she is capable of making daily decisions without always needing advice.

9. She is committed to being there, “In sickness and in health”
When you spend your life with someone, there will be times of sickness.

If she can stand by your side and care for you when you are down, she is more than just a short-term girlfriend.

10. She’s financially independent
There is nothing wrong with one spouse being the breadwinner or staying home with the kids, but one of the fastest ways to destroy a marriage is arguments over money.

If she is in the marriage just for financial support, this can be a red flag.

One of the characteristics of a good wife is a woman who brings her job and money to the table because you know she isn’t just in it for the financial benefits.

11. She views you as an equal
A marriage is a lifelong partnership in which both partners’ opinions, preferences, feelings, and abilities are considered.

A wifey material will see you as being equal to her, rather than trying to control all the decisions.

12. She pushes you to be the best version of yourself
A spouse should be your biggest cheerleader, always supporting you and pushing you to reach your goals.

13. She is selfless
Sometimes marriage means sacrificing your desires for the good of your partner or the relationship.

This means that one of the qualities to look for in a wife isn’t selfish.

14. She doesn’t expect you to be tough all the time
Handsome Man Whispering a Cute Words to His Fiancé.

One of the signs of what makes a woman wife material is that she accepts your vulnerable side.

This means that she will nurture you when you are dealing with intense emotions, and she won’t pass judgment if you show your soft side or cry.

15. She is willing to try new things in the bedroom
Physical intimacy is an important part of most marriages, and keeping the spark alive can be difficult when you’ve been with someone for years.

A wife material will be open to experimenting with you in the bedroom because she wants to keep the passion in the relationship.

16. She gets along with your mom or at least makes an effort
Unless you want your life to involve constant mediation between your mother and your wife, it’s important to marry someone who gets along with your mom.

Being able to get along with your family, in general, is a good sign.

17. You can make compromises with her
Someone who isn’t willing to budge and has to have their way probably won’t make a happy marriage.

She should be ready to compromise, sometimes giving a little to make you happy, instead of expecting you to give in to her every demand.

18. She believes in your dreams
A woman who is wifey material won’t ask you to give up your dreams for her.

They will be necessary to her too, and she will want to see you achieve them.

19. Your career is important to her
When you find a good woman to marry, she will support your career goals just as much as her own because she wants the two of you to be successful as a team.

20. She knows when to give you space
Marriage means sharing life, but that doesn’t mean you won’t each need your own free time and separate interests.

If she can give you space to spend time with friends or do your own thing, this is one of the characteristics of a good wife.

21. She shows interest in the things that are important to you
Football may not be her favorite thing, but if she is wifey material, she will at least attempt to learn more about it or take interest when you talk about it.

22. The two of you have shared values
You don’t have to agree about everything, but generally, having the same values is important.

For example, if one of you is set on having kids, but the other doesn’t want any children, this is problematic.

23. She allows you to make your own decisions
In a marriage, couples make important decisions together, but there are some times when you need the freedom to make your own choices.

If she can be with you without dictating every decision you make, she is wifey material.

24. She shares responsibilities with you
Part of marriage is knowing that you have a partner who will always have your back and contribute their fair share to the household.

This means you want a wife who can share responsibilities with you, not a damsel in distress who relies on you to take the reins in all aspects of your life together.

25. You feel listened to when you talk to her
A wife material will genuinely listen to your response when she asks you how your day was.

26. She can have an intelligent conversation
Marriage means growing old with someone, and having an intelligent discussion can keep the intimacy alive as the years’ pass.

One of the wife material traits is the ability to converse about intellectual matters, rather than trivial affairs like the latest fashion trends.

27. She’s physically affectionate
Whether in the form of hugging, kissing, or cuddling, physical affection can keep couples connected.

A woman who isn’t afraid to show physical affection makes for a happy marriage.

28. She’s a good communicator
If she can communicate effectively, such as staying positive, handling conflict without becoming defensive, and expressing herself clearly, these are all qualities of a good wife.

Research shows that effective communication leads to higher marital satisfaction.

29. She’s considerate
True Love Soulmates Intimate at Park Engaged and Happy

With gender equality becoming the norm, men want a woman who considers their needs too. Sure, it’s okay to want to spoil your wife, but she should spoil you too.

Showing consideration can be as simple as picking up the tab at dinner or putting gas in your car.

30. You feel in your gut that she’s the one
People often talk about just “knowing” that their girlfriend was the woman they wanted to marry.

If you feel that she’s the one for you and you cannot imagine life without her, she is probably wifey material.

Some people may argue that the phrase “wifey material” has a negative connotation coming from men, but the reality is that most men today want a partner.

Historically, men may have preferred a woman who stayed at home, raised the kids, and cared for the house, but what men look for in a wife today has changed.

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