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HIV Patient Transferred From Dubai Needed A Ventilator To Live

A well known Nigerian investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo, has disclosed how a certain Nigerian HIV patient died in Nigeria, 48 hours after she was transferred from Dubai to Nigeria, due to lack of a ventilator that will sustain her.
According to a story he posted, Fisayo Soyombo noted that the lady who had been living in Dubai for over three years got to Nigeria and was transferred to the National Hospital in Abuja, due to HIV related complications. But unfortunately, she died two days later, due to poor attention given to her by the government hospital and lack of ventilator.On several occasions, Nigerians had lost their lives in this country, due to poor health care facilities. On the other hands, our politicians are not helping matters and that is the reason why they always run out of the country to receive medical treatment and checkup.


As the next presidential election approaches, Nigerians must rise up and do the needful so as to make sure that they do not vote for any candidate who receives medical treatment abroad. We must make Nigeria work and now is the time to take the right step.What is your take on this particular issue? You can drop your comments and opinions below

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