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Horror Christmas plane crash killed 159

When a scary plane crashed into a frozen mountain, 159 people died instantly. Just hours later, sick thieves came and stole from the site.

Today, December 20, 2015, marks 27 years since the horrible crash of American Airlines Flight 956 in Colombia. Only four people and a miracle dog survived.

The flight was supposed to leave from Miami International Airport in the United States and take 155 people to the Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport in Colombia. Many of them were probably going there for Christmas.

Captain Nicholas Tafuri and First Officer Donald Williams led them, but even they couldn’t stop the chaos that happened, even though they had almost 13,000 hours of flying experience between them.

Because of a terrorist attack in 1992, California’s air traffic controllers didn’t have a working radar to keep an eye on the Boeing 757-223. This made the flight more dangerous.

But the flight took place around 6:30 p.m. when it was dark, and the in-flight navigation system was broken. It took them 12 seconds to realize they were headed for a mountain in the Andes.

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