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How Cancer Forms In The Body And Tips To Prevent It

According to MAYO CLINIC, cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the world. This is quite alarming, as it shows how inevitable cancer is in the body. Since your body is made up of trillion of cells, there’s a possibility that you might get cancer. However, survival rates are increasing due to information. This article will be exposing how cancer can form in your body and how such formation can be prevented.


Cancer can be regarded as a huge number of diseases which which is mainly caused by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably in the body. Cancer have the ability to penetrate and divide your normal body tissue, they can also spread throughout your body.


Your body undergoes a life process called mitosis or cell division. This is a process when your body cells replicate to form new cells by dividing while the old cells die. It is normal that your body have the right number of cells as they produce signals on how much and how often they divide to replicate.

However, if any of these signals are faulty and missing, your body cells might start to grow and multiply largely, causing a tumour called CANCER . The zone or site where the tumour forms is usually linked to the type of cancer. E.g when the tumour forms in the prostrate gland, it is referred to as prostrate cancer, if it forms in the breast, it is called breast cancer.


Although not all cancer can be prevented, the development of cancer have been proven to be influenced heavily by your diet and lifestyle.This is because certain nutrients and harmful activities can interfere with the cell division process which might lead to cancer.

To reduce your risk of experiencing the formation of cancer, you can take note of the following:

• Quit Smoking – Smoking have been linked to certain types of cancer like that of the lung, throat, mouth etc.

• Eat Healthy Diet – Foods like fruits, vegetables can help reduce your risk of cancer. You should also avoid processed meats and alcohol, if possible.

• Maintain A Healthy Weight And Engage In Physical Exercise

• Protect Yourself From The Sun- Sunlight can cause skin cancer and this type of cancer is one of the most preventable. Using sunscreen, covering your skin and avoiding midday sun can help.

• Get Vaccinated

• Practice Safe S€x

• Get regular and adequate medical care to checkmate the activities of your body cells and possibility for cancer.

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