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How dangerous are blue balls?

‘Blue balls’ is a colloquial form of epididymal hypertension.

When a man is aroused, blood usually flows through his arteries to his genital, this makes him have an erection which ought to lead to ejaculation.

A man experiences blue balls as a result of sexual arousal without orgasm. This makes his testicles ache, it is an intense feeling of discomfort or pain that is usually temporary.

This is an old trick many men use to convince women to engage in intercourse with them. Ladies, he is not in any danger or extreme pain.

He can ejaculate or think of non-sexual thoughts for relief.

His balls do not turn blue or red, if they are, then he has a more serious health condition.

  • Take a cold shower
  • Think of non-sexual thoughts
  • Lift heavy objects
  • Distract yourself with work
  • Masturbate

SOURCE: Pulse Nigeria

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