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How I Destroyed My Daughter’s Womb Through Witchcraft – Woman Confesses

In the Zone seven neighborhood of Dutse Alhaji in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, a mother admitted that she destroyed her daughter’s womb and that she will never be able to have children again.

At a family prayer led by her first daughter, Mrs. Nkemka Oby, the woman said that she killed her daughter’s womb because the daughter didn’t do what her mother told her to do. When asked how she did all the damage, she said she used spiritual power and power from the devil.

She did admit, though, that prayers are the only thing that can stop her from doing more violent things. She said that people are always afraid of the name Jesus Christ.

She also said that people who use the name of Jesus Christ all the time are not tolerated because they cause a lot of trouble and no one wants to talk to them. The man who led the prayer team to the family, Mr. Clement Iyang, has since asked the family members not to hurt the woman.

He, on the other hand, told the kids that the only way to stay safe from the tricks of the devil and his agents was to be religious and stay close to God.

WAR says that the woman’s daughter, Mrs. Chinyere Eze, has been married for almost 16 years without having a child. They were worried about the situation and had been to many hospitals looking for a solution.

So, they turned to spiritual ways to help. During this time, they asked prayer warriors from Catholic Charismatic Renewal to come pray with them at their home.

A family member who talked to WAR said that when the prayers were answered, the mother started to say how she had messed up the lives of her children.

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